The North Coast Striders hold five main running events each year:

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We also promote many other races in our community/county and our neighboring counties. Please see the current race calendar for a full listing.

Who we are

Lake Mendocino

Lake Mendocino

Founded in November 1980, the North Coast Striders is an organization to meet like-minded individuals interested in walking and running for health and fitness. The club is a camaraderie of individuals and families who live mainly in Lake and Mendocino Counties of Northern California. We take pride in our North Coast heritage and the environment in which we live. Lake and Mendocino Counties offer some of the most beautiful and undisturbed scenery in all of California.

Lastly, perhaps the most vibrant part of our club is the informal network of runners who regularly meet-up to run and jog together as means of fun and accountability towards the fitness goals of each other. The best way to get started is to attend at least one board meeting to meet in the flesh, otherwise please connect with us on Facebook.