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Staying Visible While Running

Running is one of the healthiest ways to get from point A to point B. One of the
biggest issues runners face is traffic. While staying on wooded paths and
designated trails is always ideal, sometimes it's not possible to run in an area
with no vehicles. If you ever find yourself running alongside motorists, here
are some top tips you can incorporate into your exercise routine to stay visible.

1. Dress for the Time of Day

You can cater your outfit to ensure you're completely visible depending on
what time of day you're running. For those running in the daylight, try picking
something florescent. Lime green is the most visible color to the human eye,
but bright yellow and orange work too. It's impossible for motorists to see any
colors at night, so your best option is to wear something reflective during
evening runs. This makes you stand out against a car's headlights.

2. Run Against Traffic

Let's face it-sidewalks were not built for runners. They're uneven, often
congested with pedestrians, and cracked sidewalks are actually the #1 cause
for injuries among runners. If you're running in the road, you'll always want to
run against traffic. A commonly-cited reason for this is so motorists can see you
easier, but the real reason why you want to run against traffic is to give yourself
a couple of extra seconds' notice if a car is approaching. If you can see a
reckless driver approaching from the front, you have time to dive out of the
way. Speaking of running on the road…

3. Follow Traffic Regulations

If you're running in the road you should follow all traffic rules and regulations
motorists need to adhere to. This includes, but is certainly not limited to:
stopping at red lights, yielding at crosswalks, and certainly not looking at your
phone! The biggest reason to stop at red lights is because you're much smaller
than a car, so oncoming traffic will have a much harder time seeing you than a
motorist. Speaking of traffic rules to follow….

4. Don't Approach Cars on the Right at an Intersection

Running past idling cars seems like a great idea (it's always advantageous to be
ahead of traffic), but if you pass a line of cars on the right you may set yourself
up for the "right hook." This is a very common crash scenario for cyclists
essentially, as you try to cross an intersection, a car makes a right-hand turn
directly into your path. If you're at an intersection where cars often make right
hand turns, you can either pass to the left of turning traffic or simply hop onto
the sidewalk for a bit.

5. Run in a Group!

Two runners are always more visible than one. Running in a group can also
encourage motorists to give you more space than usual. Visibility is not the
only benefit of running in pairs-many studies have shown that when you
exercise with a friend, you'll work harder and longer than if you went for a run
by yourself. The only rule to keep in mind is to not run more than two abreast.
Otherwise, you may be a bit of a road hog.

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